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Namaste! Hello! Welcome!


       I'm an actor, a coffee lover, and most definitely a cat lady - among other things. 

       I was born in Jabalpur, India to a South-Indian mom and Punjabi dad so I speak Hindi, Malayalam, and Punjabi fluently. I started acting when I was 11 --- studied theatre extensively all the way through college and received a BA in Theatre Arts. For five years, I was the artistic director and producer of The Cranbrook Court Theatre Company, a theatre group that was created by young actors to help educate children about theatre and find passion in the arts.

       I've been acting in film and television for over a decade. My goal is to create positive and powerful images of South Asian women on mainstream media.
       I currently live in Los Angeles, California with my wonderful husband, Peter Kingra-Mickelsen and our two beautiful cats! When I'm not working, I like to cozy up with coffee, my cats, and books - I'm currently reading Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

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